• 7.5FR Infinity® ERCP sampling device

    Broadening our portfolio offering for collecting substantial samples.

  • VIA

    NEW VIA™ Procedure Kits

    Streamline ordering and simplify procedure room setup

  • Continuing Education

    Our new Polypectomy Contact Hour provides you and your staff on-site training in the
    latest advances in polypectomy and retrieval techniques

  • EndoRings™ Device

    Gently flattens folds during colonoscope withdrawal allowing for an improved view.

Featuring the new Histolock™ resection device, these convenient EMR resection kits offer a total solution for difficult flat lesion resection cases.

The Histolock™ resection device offers a...

  • Stiff twisted, monofilament wire helping to recruit and resect flat tissue while laying flat on mucosa
  • Mini snare size for easy maneuverability and precise placement around the lesion


The Histolock™ resection kit contains the devices needed for injecting, resecting, and collecting flat lesions including the...

  • Histolock™ device to effectively grasp and resect flat lesions
  • Carr-Locke injection needle for reliable and consistent injection
  • eTrap® polyp trap for quick and accurate polyp retrieval
  • Mio® organizer to keep devices organized and ready for device exchange
  • Roth Net® retriever* to easily capture polyps for histopathologic review
Mentor, Ohio — December 17, 2015 — US Endoscopy is proud to announce the acquisition of the Gastroenterology Business Unit (GBU) of Bracco Diagnostics Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Bracco Imaging S.p.A., a global leading company in the diagnostic imaging business. The Bracco GBU portfolio primarily consists of CO2 insufflation systems, devices for biopsy collection and various accessories that improve the workflow and patient experience during an endoscopy procedure.

EndoRings™ device: Dr. David Carr-Locke

EndoRings™ device: Dr. David Carr-Locke EndoRings™ device: Dr. David Carr-Locke
Dr. David L. Carr-Locke discusses the importance of improving polyp detection and the benefits the EndoRings™ device offers.