All great products start as an idea… it's what happens next that makes a difference.

We want to know what you are thinking and why you are thinking it. US Endoscopy is built upon collaboration with physicians, nurses and technicians - from new product ideas through development and testing. In fact, many of our products start off based on clinical needs. We truly understand the importance of your voice in developing clinical solutions that impact patients' lives.

All great products start as an idea…


You have a great idea to solve a clinical need. Now what do you do with it? The biggest dilemma many clinicians face is finding the right person or company to talk to. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have established through our development process. To ensure you are comfortable sharing your ideas and concepts, we will do so under confidentiality. And we welcome you to join our process.

Idea preservation

The most important aspect of our new product development process is communication. To get that started, we will need for you to enter into a mutual confidentiality agreement to protect the information that we discuss. This will enable you to communicate the details of your idea without reservation. It will also allow us to disclose to you any knowledge we have surrounding the idea or clinical concept.


We receive many new ideas per year, and some are duplicates or ideas we have received in the past. However, we also receive many new concepts that have not yet been considered. About 10% of the ideas annually make it to the next phase of research where we gather more information about the overall need. If the idea scores well during information gathering, it will be considered for a cross functional team, which involves a series of steps to ready the product for market release. Depending on the complexity of the product, the entire process can take anywhere from 18-48 months.

We're listening

We have a group of experts, including clinical professionals and product developers, dedicated to new product development who specialize in researching the most needed product solutions. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, whether you have an idea or have identified a clinical need you would like us to solve. We are listening.

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